You Enjoy Nasu Area Loop Pass + Omote-Nasu Tegata

  Shiobara Valley Freedom Ticket + Omote-Nasu Tegata

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JR Bus Kanto Nishi-Nasuno Branch Counter, Nishi-Nasuno Sta. (in the bus), Nasu-Shiobara Sta. (in the bus)

  Nasu Kogen Highland Freedom Pass + Omote-Nasu Tegata

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Toya Kotsu Kuroiso Office (Kuroiso Sta. W. Entrance), Nasu-Shiobara Sta. (in the bus)

Omote-Nasu Tegata

Seven onsens will admit you to enjoy hot-spring bathing at no extra charge.

You enjoy visiting Tochigi and seven onsens will admit you to enjoy hot-spring bathing at no extra charge with it!

This sightseeing travel coupon brings many benefits as you enjoy visiting hot springs, theme parks, interactive facilities, restaurants, souvenir shops, and other places in Tochigi. For example, seven onsens will admit you to enjoy hot-spring bathing at no extra charge. You can also use it as a guidebook: look at the maps and browse the sightseeing information.

Validity: One year from the day of purchase
Price: 1,000 yen excl. tax


Nasu Onsen

You may wonder at how many onsens are said to be hidden hot springs. So, what makes Nasu Onsen Village full of such hidden treasures? One site is Shika-no-yu, discovered about 1,380 years ago, the oldest known hot spring in the prefecture. Then, you can enjoy authentic hot spring experiences, such as open-air bathing at Omaru Onsen, formed by damming back a flow of hot-spring water, and the elegant charm of Kita Onsen.。

Shiobara Onsen

Owing to the abundance of hot water and different qualities of the waters, about 1,200 years ago, resorts grew at historical Shiobara Onsen Village. Here you can soak in more different kinds of natural spa waters than anywhere else in Japan. Shiobara’s many springs – it has the second highest number of sources in Kanto district Japan – gush with six distinctive waters. This plenitude and variety has attracted Soseki Natsume, Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, Mokichi Saito, Koyo Ozaki, and other literary giants.

Itamuro Onsen

In a highland valley along the fresh upper reaches of the Naka River, quiet Itamuro Onsen is a National Hot Spring Health Resort at the western end of the Nasu Mountains. Because of their effective mineral composition and the restful benefits of “taking the cure,” he “medicinal waters of Shimotsuke” are well known. When people take the cure and find they no long need a walking aid, it is the custom to offer a walking stick at Itamuro Onsen Jinja Shrine. When you see these displayed, you can understand another popular name for the hot spring: “Cane-free waters.”

Nasu Rindo-ko LAKEVIEW
Nasu Ropeway
板室ダム湖 カヌー体験
Itamuro Dam Lake Canoeing Experience
Yuppo no Sato
ホウライの那須 千本松牧場
Horai Nasu Senbonmatsu Farm
栃木県 なかがわ水遊園
Tochigi Prefecture Nakagawa Aquatic Park
尚仁沢 はーとらんど
Shojinzawa Heart Land

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